Concha Hypertrophy – Growth of the Concha

Concha Hypertrophy – Growth of the Concha

Concha is the name of the nose flesh on both sides of the nose. There are 3 double cones in the nose, as the lower, middle and upper cones.

In the treatment of blockages caused by the growth of the lower nostrils (concha hypertrophy) and often causing more complaints at night, the size of the nose can be reduced by different methods. The lower nostrils, which have a very important place in the nasal functions, should not be removed completely at all. Following this type of surgery in the past, nasal functions deteriorate, negative results in respiratory physiology, as well as dryness, crusting, recurrent infections and burning sensations are extremely difficult or sometimes impossible to resolve. Therefore, techniques that do not damage the functional outer surface mucosa are preferred while minimizing the lower concha. Lower concha radio frequency and endoscopic reduction are frequently performed for this procedure.


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