Deviation – Cartilage And Bone Curvature In The Nose

The curvature of the curtain, which consists of the anterior part of the cartilage and the back part of the bone, which separates the two nasal passages from each other, is called deviation. Since septum deviation is a common problem in the community, deviation surgeries are among the most common operations to correct this problem.

The most important complaint caused by deviation is nasal congestion. In such a situation, the patient may feel that he or she cannot breathe enough from his or her nose, and his or her mouth is dry and rusty when he or she wakes up in the morning. Deviations can contribute to snoring, causing continuous mouth breathing and can lead to sinusitis and nasal bleeding.

The age limit is 18, which is considered classic for deviations surgery. In special cases in the literature, surgery may be applied at a younger age.

The buffer used after the surgery is usually soft buffers with silicon air channels.

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