Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is an operation performed using small and sensitive surgical instruments while monitoring images obtained with endoscopic systems from the monitor without direct vision in an anatomic region with critical neighborhoods.

Nowadays, it is one of the most frequently performed treatment options in the treatment of chronic sinusitis, sinus-induced tumors and anatomical structures adjacent to the sinuses, anterior skull injuries, traumatic eye pit damage and visual nerve compression.

In chronic sinus diseases;

  • Cleaning of infected tissues and polyps
  • Opening of the channels connecting the sinus cavities to the nose
  • Swelling of the nose and air cysts (Concabulloza), more than one discharge hole of sinus cavities (accessory ostium), abnormal mucous contact areas, and such anatomical problems are corrected.



In the narrow region where the sinuses around the nose are located, the anatomy is complex and the brain, eyes, visual nerves, tear ducts, blood vessels, and such vital organs adjacent to this operation requires important experience and advanced technology to be performed successfully. In FESS surgery, general anesthesia is preferred especially in cases where advanced technological devices such as navigation, balloon and shaver are used. The duration of the surgery varies depending on the extent of the pathology and whether there are additional interventions such as correction of intra-nasal tilt, aesthetic nose surgery, reduction of nose flesh and correction of anatomical variations.

After surgery, there is no serious pain complaint, but simple painkillers are usually sufficient. Although it is recommended that patients stay in hospital on the day of the operation, it is possible to discharge on the same day according to the contents of the operation.

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