What Should Be Care After Closed Nose Surgery?

What Should Be Care After Closed Nose Surgery?

After Closed Nose Surgery

You will be discharged on the day of surgery or the next day after Closed Nose Surgery. On the second or third day of your surgery, your doctor will call you to get your silicones in the nose. The splint on the back of the nose is removed on the 5th or 7th day or either replaced and the bands are glued. Ten days later, all bands or splints are removed.

The nasal tip and the stitches in it will be poured out within 15-20 days.




You can return to your routine life 10 days after surgery. You will not need to wear glasses for 2 months after surgery. You can wash your body 2 days after surgery. You’ll have to have your hair washed at the hair salon. You can take a normal shower 5-6 days after your surgery. 10-15 days after your surgery you can swim in the sea and pool.

From the second day of your surgery, you can eat and drink anything you want. If you have bruises under the eyes, you should not go to the sun or use a hat until the bruises pass. You can fly 10 days after your surgery.

The healing process after nasal aesthetics, ie rhinoplasty, differs according to the technique used, the type of intervention, and the patient’s personal characteristics. The average recovery time after nasal aesthetics varies between 7 and 10 days. Many patients can easily return to work or school in as little as a week.

Nose retains sensitivity for several weeks after surgery

After the nasal surgery, the patient can go home at the same day or the night after. It is recommended that you sleep in an upright position, especially for the first 3 nights, supporting your head with a pillow. For the first two weeks, absolutely clean your nose.

Take care to clean using sea / ocean water. Generally, the splint is removed within 3 days and bands with various color options are worn on the nose. During this period, strong and long chewing foods that cause the nose to move should not be consumed. The facial muscles, and therefore the nose, will cause too much movement of gestures should be avoided as much as possible.

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